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Thursday, June 30, 2005

I'll admit when I'm wrong

I was wrong to dismiss Perpetual Groove initially. I admit it. (Maybe I was just bitter because my high schhol band, Perpetual Kaos, never made it. And we ripped, man! The "A" in "Kaos" was an anarchy sign! We did all Sex Pistols covers. I sang in a British accent. Yeah, we ruled BCC High School.) But in my defense, I downloaded a show of their's about a year and a half ago and I couldn't have been more underwhelmed. Well, now it looks like these guys may start to be congealing into a nice goo of a band. They apparently turned lots of heads at Bonnaroo this year, and I'll be sure not to miss them if they ever make it across the Verrazano Bridge. This tune, which I guess is their response to "NICU", is called "TTFPJ." Sounds like some kind of oral disease. This jam borders on Particle, but has more rock running through it than your average "Roads A Breeze."

"TTFPJ" - Perpetual Groove, Raleigh, NC 1/27/05

Download the whole show here

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Somebody call Indiana Jones

From what I've heard recently, finding a good Ryan Adams show (i.e., heavy on the music, light on the drunken ramblings) has been harder to come by than the Ark Of The Covenant (that's what Indiana Jones was looking for in "Raiders Of The Lost Ark", for our younger viewers). But this tune, "Easy Plateau," from a recent show sounds like a pretty damn good jam to me. I have to admit: I have never seen Ryan Adams live. I prefer my alt-country more on the "alt" side than the "country" side. Even his new association with Phil Lesh hasn't really gotten me all that excited. But if his whole shows can be like this one, then I'll have to reconsider.

"Easy Plateau" - Ryan Adams, Buffalo, NY 5/14/05

Download the whole show here

So true, so true

Michael Franti says it right: All the freaky people indeed DO make the beauty of the world. Cheesy? Yes. Fun to hear? You know it, brother. Is a Spearhead show that much better because there are actually, you know, WOMEN at the shows? I'll leave that up to you. Just take it from me: If you're looking for the hot hippie chicks, skip the Disco Biscuits and head for the Franti shows. The vibe is great. The music is stellar. And seeing as though you don't have to sit through (too much) of the John Mayer-type "One man and his guitar" routine, it's a show that'll appeal to ALL the freaky people, regardless of gender.

"Stay Human" - Michael Franti and Spearhead, Denver, CO 1/15/05

(Find the full show here)

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

OK...this is fun!

Just because I am in a bloggin' good mood, I decided to post another one.

"David Bowie" - Phish, Philadelphia, PA, 12/15/95

This was the last Phish show I saw until "It" in 2003. I think the thought of having to see them in such big places upset me at that point. And besides, the Widespread scene wasn't overrun yet, and you could still see them in smaller venues. So I went and hopped on the Panic Train (and never hopped off). But before bidding Phish farewell for a few years, I went to see them in Philly. I turned to my friend after this "Bowie" and said, "I think I just had a religious experience." About a year later, Phish's music would transform from full-on rock, to a trancey, groovy funk (which I like, too). But you gotta admit, in those mid-early years, when Phish rocked, they ROCKED.

The point of all this

Why the hell am I doing this? There are so many damn blogs out there with so much music. But I'm sorry, I just don't really care about DJ Screwdaddy's remix of some Coldplay song or a track released in 1972 on a random Danish electronic label. Where can I find what is going on NOW? No...I mean right NOW.

OK, OK. That's not the only reason. There also didn't seem to be a good, true jamband blog, so I figured I'd see if I couldn't start one up. So that's what you'll find here. Just some kickin' jams from the kings, queens, knights, rooks, and anyone else who I deem to fall into the jamband genre. Usually the links will be from live shows, and more often than not, you'll be able to find the show here to download the full show.

So without furthur adieu...Ladies and gentlemen, my first post.

"Freedom" - Tea Leaf Green, Petaluma, CA 3/11/05

A killer song from a killer band. Mark my words now: Forget Umphrey's McGee. Their stuff is just too proggy for the mainstream. Tea Leaf Green is poised to hit it bigger than anyone else currently on the scene. TLG has the songs, the jams, the stage presence, and the overall vibe that Phish had at their age.