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Thursday, June 30, 2005

I'll admit when I'm wrong

I was wrong to dismiss Perpetual Groove initially. I admit it. (Maybe I was just bitter because my high schhol band, Perpetual Kaos, never made it. And we ripped, man! The "A" in "Kaos" was an anarchy sign! We did all Sex Pistols covers. I sang in a British accent. Yeah, we ruled BCC High School.) But in my defense, I downloaded a show of their's about a year and a half ago and I couldn't have been more underwhelmed. Well, now it looks like these guys may start to be congealing into a nice goo of a band. They apparently turned lots of heads at Bonnaroo this year, and I'll be sure not to miss them if they ever make it across the Verrazano Bridge. This tune, which I guess is their response to "NICU", is called "TTFPJ." Sounds like some kind of oral disease. This jam borders on Particle, but has more rock running through it than your average "Roads A Breeze."

"TTFPJ" - Perpetual Groove, Raleigh, NC 1/27/05

Download the whole show here


Blogger joel said...

Glad you are diggin' it! There is also a post-production matrix source for that show which combines the archvied sbd and aud recordings here

2:14 AM


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