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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

OK...this is fun!

Just because I am in a bloggin' good mood, I decided to post another one.

"David Bowie" - Phish, Philadelphia, PA, 12/15/95

This was the last Phish show I saw until "It" in 2003. I think the thought of having to see them in such big places upset me at that point. And besides, the Widespread scene wasn't overrun yet, and you could still see them in smaller venues. So I went and hopped on the Panic Train (and never hopped off). But before bidding Phish farewell for a few years, I went to see them in Philly. I turned to my friend after this "Bowie" and said, "I think I just had a religious experience." About a year later, Phish's music would transform from full-on rock, to a trancey, groovy funk (which I like, too). But you gotta admit, in those mid-early years, when Phish rocked, they ROCKED.


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