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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Somebody call Indiana Jones

From what I've heard recently, finding a good Ryan Adams show (i.e., heavy on the music, light on the drunken ramblings) has been harder to come by than the Ark Of The Covenant (that's what Indiana Jones was looking for in "Raiders Of The Lost Ark", for our younger viewers). But this tune, "Easy Plateau," from a recent show sounds like a pretty damn good jam to me. I have to admit: I have never seen Ryan Adams live. I prefer my alt-country more on the "alt" side than the "country" side. Even his new association with Phil Lesh hasn't really gotten me all that excited. But if his whole shows can be like this one, then I'll have to reconsider.

"Easy Plateau" - Ryan Adams, Buffalo, NY 5/14/05

Download the whole show here


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