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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

I'm Old

I'm an older gent, so I don't get to shows as much as I'd like to, but that doesn't keep me from scouring the good ol' dubya-dubya-dubya for what's hot. That being said, I missed My Morning Jacket last night at Webster Hall, a venue that has been earning over more and more fans recently, even among the indie rockers who once took to it about as much as Jerry did to a sprout and fig salad. I hear the show was damn good, though. I downloaded a set from the 9:30 Club yesterday to see how the new material sounds live. I wish I could say "Radically different." But, well, I can't.

"Lay Low" - My Morning Jacket, 10/15/05 Washington, DC

I have tried to really like these guys, but something is keeping me from doing it. I saw them at Irving Plaza last year and it was good for a while, but then started to get a little monotonous. I dig the new direction with the keys and all, but the Neil Young/Reverb thing needs to shaken up a bit. Hey Jim, let's dial that back from where you are now at 11 to, say, 4? 5? Live Music Blog digs the new stuff. So what do I know?

My other gripe is that these dudes only played, according to my ITunes, for 1.7 hours. That INCLUDES two tracks called "Intro" and "Crowd." What's up with that? They have another prior committment or something? With 4 full LPs, a new EP every 3 months under their belt - and the chops to let some of these tunes breathe - there's really no reason for them to be playing for less time than Destiny's Child. Not that I've ever seen them live or anything.

Here is the whole MMJ show.