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Thursday, October 27, 2005


I just happen to see that has changed their site a bit. I definitely see it as an upgrade. I realize that Brad has to make some money somehow, and he sure as hell wasn't gonna do it by giving us the stuff for free. So a little while back, he partnered up with the people who give us and other sites to help them get their product out. That being said, he hasn't totally sold out to the cyber-Man, yet. He still has the free stuff on there and it's not too tough to find, either. Even better, he seems to have the capacity to host his entire archive now, too. Bonus! has been around for a while and Brad is definitely viewed as one of the grandfathers of downloading shows on the www. He first caught my attention with Dead shows, but when he posted Phish's show from the Keswick in '92 I went to that I had to email him and thank him for his work. I know it ain't easy doing that stuff and a lot of times, people take this stuff for granted.

"Sleepy Monkey" - Widespread Panic, 7/22/01 Wilmington, DE

This "Sleepy Monkey" is from one of the best WSP shows I have ever been to. The whole show is about as solid as it gets. It was at a venue called Kahunaville which was indescribable. The place made Dave and Buster's look like the Four Seasons. The show also confirmed a long held belief in the Panic Community: NEVER MISS A SUNDAY SHOW.