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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

A Quickie While He's Away

Here's a little Nooner for you all. I just happen to read recently that The Mother Hips, a pretty damn good band who flew under the radar on the scene for years and have broken up and reunited for various reasons **coughSMACKPROBLEMcoughcough** (Sorry...I got something stuck in my throat there. Where was I? Oh yes...) are once again reuniting for a slew - Yes, I said "a slew" - of shows including some on what their booker may consider "Mars," but I like to call "The East Coast."

"Grizzly Bear" - Mother Hips, 3/30/01 San Juan Capistrano, CA

I saw these guys once when I somehow found myself in Salt Lake City. The show was OK and I really developed an appreciation for them later on. But one thing I should say is that they drew by far the most beautiful women in all of Salt Lake City. I mean, these were some hot, drinkin' Mormons! Take your average Disco Biscuits crowd. Now think of the complete opposite and that's who was in attendence that night. Whoa, mama.

Anyway, download the whole show here.


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