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Thursday, August 11, 2005

Take a step forward...

" take a step back. I'm sorry. Take a step forward. Now take a step back. Step forward. And back. And now we're cha-cha!" Easily my second favorite moment in history involving the words "Take a step back." This one is a quote from "Real Genius," a fantastic movie that came out in this very weird period in the Summer of 1985 when it seemed like there was some Unified Decree from all of Hollywood that said all movies had to involve computers. ("Weird Science" also came out within a few months). What's my point? Well, there is a character in the film named Lazlo Hollyfeld who is this odd dude who spent way too much time programming computers for the government or something like that, and now lives in the bowels of the dorm at some college that has a name that is very close to "California Institue Of Technology." But clearly, C.I.T. wouldn't let them use the name, so they had to change it in the movie. I love it when they do that. You know, like in some teen movie where the ridiculously hot - yet somehow also brilliant - chick has waited her whole life to go to Harfort University.

Anyway, when I stumbled across a band called Lazlo Hollyfeld on Live Archive, it was like a sign from God, or at least a sign from Val Kilmer. So I gave them a test drive. Not bad, either. Kind of like if you split the difference between STS9 and Particle, although they definitely never really build up to one of those serious vein-popping jams like Particle does.

"Everything You Know Is Gone" - Lazlo Hollyfeld 7/29/04, Buffalo, NY

You can get the whole show here.


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