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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Hop on the train...

To steal (two different) quotes from Ron Burgundy, "Everyone! I have a very important announcement! Come here and look at how good (they are)!" What else can I say? My first post on this site back in June featured this Bay Area band, and back then, I warned you: Tea Leaf Green is the future. Last weekend, these dudes rolled through NYC (sans me in attendence...I'm such an IDIOT!!) crushing everything and everyone in their path. So, today, I announce to you that there is nothing else I can do but post tracks from the show at the sold out Knitting Factory. But where on the Planet Of Green Love to start? Holy crikey! You think these dudes were chompin' at the bit backstage to come and rip it up, New York style? Check this out, the 3rd track of the set:

"Asphalt Funk" - Tea Leaf Green, 9/10/05 New York, NY

You just knew this was going to be a HOT show, even before they took the stage. When the Knit announced the show, they gave it an 11:00 slot on a Friday night. But as anyone who has ever showed up on Friday night to catch a show that starts at 11:00 pm at the Knit knows, 11:00 means, uh, let's say, oh 12:30-ish? And when you throw the word "jam" into the definition of what the headliner sounds like, well, then your chances of getting out of there before 3:30 are about as good as Dave Schools turning down a slice of Meat Lovers. And sure enough...all reports are that the show went to 3:30. By mid-show, Tea Leaf had shifted from Allmans to Particle, as evidenced by:

"The Invasion" - Tea Leaf Green, 9/10/05 New York, NY

People can't seem to stop talking about this show. I felt like their show at the Block Party at Jazzfest this past year was a coming out for them. Well, add this NYC show to their cotillion, as well. FOUR encores??? You think they didn't know this was a big one for them? Please. Next stop: Bowery Ballroom. Check back in a year. If they aren't selling out Irving Plaza by then, then that means the place must have burned down.

"Sex In The 70s" - Tea Leaf Green, 9/10/05 New York, NY

And, please, do yourself a favor. Go see them. I don't ask you for much. Download the whole show here.


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