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Monday, September 19, 2005

Go figure

I'll admit it. I was never the biggest Cream fan in the world. I guess when I first got exposed to them as a teenager, I didn't really see what the big deal was. (Then again, to met at that age, anything Johnny Rotten ever did was nothing short of pure, unadulterated genius). Overall, the power trio thing left me with a feeling that something was missing. But it wasn't just Cream. Jimi's music never blew me away, either. Don't get me wrong, the man is/was a fine guitarist and I couldn't name a guitarist I admire today who wouldn't list him among their Top Three of all-time. But The Experience's songs, as with Cream, fell way too much into the Blues Ocean for me to ever get too excited about. Sure, there are standouts for me from both acts: "White Room" (particularly that solo), "Voodoo Chile," and a handful of others. But I just felt that both of those bands have been heaped with so much praise and adulation over the years that NOT calling them "overrated" would mean that you were either a) related to members in the band, b) sleeping with members in the band, or c) somehow deriving your income from members in the band.

That being said, I got tickets to see Cream at the Garden in October. I may not crank "Disraeli Gears" everyday, but I know key moment in rock history when I see it.

"Crossroads" - Cream, 10/4/68 Oakland, CA

(One quick other note about "Crossroads": Apparently, when a DJ got a hold of Cream doing a live version of "Crossroads" back in the late 60s, he introduced the song by saying something to the effect of "If you think Eric Clapton is human, well then you better take a listen to this...")


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